Online Dating Profile Client


I am thrilled with my profile; you were able to pull the stories out of me and put them on paper. People tell me I am exactly how I present myself, or better!

Your interview also helped me to get clear on what I wanted in a match. And I appreciated that I had so much extra text to play with if I wanted to add or change anything. You helped me represent myself honestly.

And I love your photographs. (My dates all say that my pictures look like me!)

What people have said to me about my profile:

“I read your profile and just had to tell you it’s one of the best ever. Not that profile writing is a marketable skill but it never hurts to acknowledge greatness!”

“Julie wrote this—but it sounds like you!”

UPDATE: I met my match with your help

When my friend wanted to set me up with one of her friends on a blind date, she showed him the photographs you took and sent him to the online dating site to read my profile.

Needless to say, it worked out for us.

Even though we didn’t meet online exactly, your photos and writing were definitely instrumental in bringing us together!

~Joni K., San Francisco Bay Area