Mavis Delacroix, Realtor

Content development by Julie Feinstein Adams


Since creating my new website with Julie, my business has exploded! Knowing that I have a website that I am proud to send people to has changed the way I feel about my work and how I talk to potential clients.

Julie is amazing. She listened deeply during our meetings and turned our conversations into content for my website, even when I had no idea I was “brainstorming.” She was patient and persistent. She recognized when I was encountering blocks with getting my new website done and she gently did what it took to move the project forward.

Before hiring Julie, I had a website that was just sh*t. The layout was ugly, the content was ‘canned.’ It was from a done-for-you website service for realtors, and I hated it. I was ashamed to give out my URL. When clients asked if they could look at it, I would practically yell, ‘NO!’

As a result of our work together, I have a beautiful, clear website that is entirely me, written in my voice.

~Mavis Delacroix, Realtor with the Grubb Co.